Homemade quality with commercial consistency

People prefer home-baked items for good reasons. At home, you use the best ingredients. Your bread is denser and more satisfying to bite into because you let the dough rest to develop flavor. Each dinner roll or muffin looks a little bit different because you shaped and placed it by hand. R.W. Bakers bakes the same way, on a much larger scale. We offer an extensive selection of items in multiple styles, flavors, and size combinations. You’re sure to find a product that’s right for you, or we’ll make one for you.

Fresh baked taste, any time and every time

Our products are specially formulated to be fully baked, fully frozen, and fully fresh when thawed. Because freezing dries baked goods, we carefully calibrate moisture content in order to deliver just-baked freshness from the freezer. Our frozen baked goods give you greater flexibility in ordering, and with an average thawed shelf life of 7-10 days, you’ll see less waste.

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